"I just have to say thank you. You have gone above and beyond to give my husband, mother in law, myself, so much closure and so many answers. We are greatful from the bottom of our hearts! The things you have delivered to us are things nobody else besides my father in law could have known. We are all completely blown away with the accuracy. Thank you again! We all look forward to keeping in touch" 💜
                Nadia Flores
                   Texas USA
"I just want to THANK YOU MR. RODRIGUEZ for your special attention, on my situation. I was so confused in so many ways. You have helped me get so much peace from so many unanswered questions I had regarding my husband's sudden going away fishing. I can't thank you enough for all your clarification and your accuracy. You are truly heaven sent. Thank you for your caring ways, and for always getting all my questions answered and for always getting my husband to come through, and giving me that piece of mind. I am most thankful, God bless. Sincerely" 
                  Julie Flores
                   Texas USA
"On Sunday August 27, 2017 I lost my mother. Not even 24 hours later, Antonio Rodriguez was able to communicate with my mother. His reading was so heartfelt and genuine. He gave me a sense of peace but most importantly he gave me an even bigger piece of closure (that I really needed.) He was able to tell me what happened to my mother that day, as she was all alone taking her last breaths. He informed me that she didn't suffer, that all her pain is now gone and how happy she is. He told me personal information that only my mother and I could understand. I was able to ask my mother questions and receive the answers quickly. It was great to know that my mother was happy with the funeral arrangements that were made, among other things. He even told me how my mother was joking about my grandmother (who passed away 9 months ago.) I can't explain how grateful I am for his God given talent. Most importantly, he told me things that I have waited my whole life to hear from my mother.
Now, as I mourn I have his message from my mom to give me the extra strength I need to heal my broken heart. 
Thank you so much Tony! 💓 There are no words to explain the feeling of hearing from my mom."
                         Jacqueline Arroyo 
                      Pennsylvania USA
 "I just want to thank Antontio Rodriguez for bringing peace into my life after my stepdad passed away. I dealt with my own issues which was tough accepting his passing but Antonio was able to bring a different light on my heart that I don't think I could ever forget. Thank you so much again"
                     Julissa Hinosa
                       Texas USA
"Never did I believe in people who talk to the dead or say they are like psychic. Until today you Sir helped me talk to my mom and grandma and helped answer so many questions that only they would have the answers to  that helped open my heart so much to know that they are just fine .. thanks so much Mr Rodriguez your AMAZING!"
                         Marina Chavez 
                        Texas USA

"Just had a reading from Antonio Rodriguez. He connected me to a loved one that brought tears to my heart. Very emotional and yet, up lifting. Knowing that loved ones that have passed are always near us. Thank you for letting me reconnect to those beyond."

                         Denise Geleano

                             New York USA

"I want to take this time to Thank you for you patience and diligence. You presented me with a reading that I was not expecting. You put me at ease and gave me a sense of peace. You are a blessing. Thank you again"

               Jassy Canuelas

                New York USA

"Medium Rodriguez has proved time and time again how accurate he is with connecting with several of my family members who have passed such as my favorite aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, and my ex-husband. His emotional connection with them is unbelievable and he has given me a piece of mind knowing that they are always with us. Thank you 🙏🙏for your amazing gift!"
                     Yazmin Perez
                   New Jersey USA
So I had no clue I needed to hear from the other side. I lost my parents 3 months apart 5 years ago n I've been missing them both terribly! Along came Antonio Rodriguez and he was amazing! Not with so called messages, but actually speaking about things as my dad would! It made my heart feel good knowing that they know, they see and they're with me always! Thank you Mr. Rodriguez! I'm a little more content and at ease knowing they know how much I love and miss them!
                         Jaye L
                   New York USA
I had a reading done earlier today, a wonderful experience. Antonio is very genuine about his practice and his insight is dead on! Highly recommend.
                  Rebecca Bennett

    Newfoundland and LabradorCanada

SoTony Rodriguez I'm still absolutely blown away! Firstly you gave me so much information out of the goodness of your heart, you've helped me connect with many loved ones who have passed on, I really feel so much closer to them after you came in to my life! I'm so eternally grateful to have met you and for helping me so much! I'm beyond surprised how you could have known so much even though you don't know me at all!!! And to top it off you expected nothing in return...you've been so good to me. May God bless you greatly and make your blessings public miracles!!!! Thank you so much! 😇😇
                Jacky Kotze Camosso 
             Villanova d'Albenga Italy 
"Blown beyond my mind! I was able to learn so much of my daughter, whom I lost when I was only 17 weeks along... There's not a day that I don't think about her, and it's absolutely a blessing to know she is always with me.... To also learn of my father's thoughts, was a great relief.... I miss him each and every day.... Thank you making me feel at peace, finally..... You are truly blessed with a great gift"
                 Carolyn Cintron
                Planation Florida 
"I would like to provide my feedback on Tony's reading. I am very thankful to him for giving his honest opinion and guidance towards my journey. His reading is very thorough and direct with his reading and everything resonates what he has told me so far. It was blessing to get such readings from him as this gives me the confidence to stay on my journey of growth and development. thank you so much,  Tony Rodriguez"
                                 Ridhima Rishu
                    Melbourne, Victoria Australia
"I have received an amazing reading from Tony! It was so spot on, and he was able to connect with my great-grandma who passed a few months back. 😀😀 thank you Tony!!!"
                                   Kayla Bailey
                                Ontario Canada 
"Medium Rodriguez surprised me with a special mediumship reading! He connected with a few of my close family members. He brought through evidence and beautiful messages that completely resonated with me, but my favorite was the lovely memories he brought though! He was so kind and respectful with such a peaceful energy. Thanks again. He's an amazing medium!"
                          Kelly Ann Ferro
                Kenosha County, Wisconsin
I enjoyed this reading it was for a fellow Medium who once read me 
it was great to return the favor.
I Want to say a huge big Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for my reading... I will be eternally grateful  My precious son Lewis died on June 18th 2016nat 24yrs old, he was severely disabled and when Tony did my reading it resonated with me big time and brought so so much comfort, more than he'll ever know... It was so beautiful it made me cry, but happy tears mixed with a little sadness obviously... The messages he gave me from my child were heart touching and helped me on my way to start healing, be strong and carry on living for my son is always with me, and I promised my son Lewis Mummy would smile everyday for him, be strong and try my best to always be happy.... Tony told me things only I and family and very close friends know... He spoke about my sons strong love for me which I knew was unconditional and the valuable lessons he taught me... I would highly recommend a reading off Tony to anyone and look forward to more with him myself... Thankyou Tony, you are a true Earth Angel and you will be truly blessed for the beautiful work and comfort you give others with your gift  
                           Sue, Scotland, U.k 
"Tony Rodriguez you are truly amazing!! So accurate. I feel truly blessed to connect with you!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼⭐️⭐️🙌🏼"
                            Rose Pestianni
            Delray Beach, FL, United States
I want to say a huge thank you! Tony has given me guidance more then once. At a time I feel so lost with myself and in my relationship and life, hes brought me insight and reassurance to aspects. He said things to me that I never thought he would pick up on but was spot on. Other things dont make sense to me but I know in my heart they will with time. At a time feeling of giving up has now turned into determination and motivation to keep moving. I am forever thankful and know if I feel like i need guidence from light I will because His light outshines the amount of darkness I see sometimes. Thank you again with all my heart for your help. You dont know how much you have brought my own light a little furthur out front. ♡♡♡
                                    Alberta, Canada.
Good vibes from start to finish! 🙌 Thank you Tony for your help. Truly felt connected for a little while with someone I haven't felt connected to since I was a kid. Beautiful experience ☺️ thank you!
                                    Wendy Figueroa 
                                    California ,USA
First I wanted to say God bless Antonio. My reading has been a blessing. I have been holding on to so much pain an guilt about my son and my parents,losing them was so hard on me that I truly gave up on my self . I am in a better place since this reading, I am so truly reborn, the fear that has held me back all these years will not anymore. I see the future now. The guilt gone knowing that they are with me in this new journey that I will be taking make this so whole. Thank you Antonio you are a blessing to all who have lost there way.                                                                                                                 Dolores Lugo Morris                                                                                                                    Bronx, N.Y.
If you are seeking closure for a loved one that has passed, I recommend that you get a reading from Tony Rodriguez He is truly gifted; thank you Tony Rodriguez for your awesome reading. I was blown away.
                                   Jesie Fernandez 
                                      Queens N.Y
"Hey Guys so I just wanted and had to do this because this man is truly a blessing sent from up above , I have never ever thought that something like this would be possible but it is and it’s true , today unexpectedly I got the most beautiful sacred sentimental reading from this amazing man named Tony Rodriguez just out of the kindness of his heart he took it upon him self to help me find some closure to a few things. I needed to know and I swear I’m not one to believe in things like this but he blew me completely out of this world and I’ll tell you this guys I was in tears on my way to work on the train and once I got to my desk I broke down like never before because Thanks to Tony I was able to talk to my daughters father and I was totally not expecting what came with it , he is the truth to the max and I will forever be grateful for what he did for me today. I’ve been looking for closure for a year and 4 days and today it happened under the eyes of god" 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you so much Tony THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
                                                Selma Perez 
                                            Brooklyn , New York 
"Happy Wednesday all!! I just had a reading from Tony Rodriguez, what beautiful and confirming messages from my family members who have passed over. I have closure and I also feel much more at peace. I highly recommended a reading, and the advice omg I’m blown away. This man is so gifted!!! Bless you Tony!!!!! "🙌🏼🙌🏼 ♥️♥️ 😇
                                          Rose Prestianni
                                              Florida U.S
"I can't thank you enough for the awesome reading I received today from Tony.. I was able to get closure n hear from loved ones that they are still with me. Thank u so so much. Such an amazing experience I recommend him. He is so accurate. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ thank you." Sending positive Vibes 💜💞    
                                  Christina Eckley
                               Tyrone, Pennsylvania 
Wow where do I even start? You came right out the gate and blew my mind, as I didn’t even ask to be read. You immediately picked up on my dearly departed grandmother and everything you said was completely accurate, heartfelt and so reminiscent of her I could feel her presence in our conversation as if she was in the room telling you what to say to me. What an unexpected and completely magnificent gift you have given me. You validated so much and I am extremely grateful. Thank you.
                                      Crystal Richardson
                                   Marysville, California 
Just had the most uplifting and positive conversation with Tony.Spot on with every thing he said totally amazing.wonderfull man thank you so much for the time you gave.love and light to u.x
                                           Ria Burges
                                           Kent, U.K
Thank you Tony for my reading . 
You answered everything .
My Titi Loudres ...
Who was also like a Mother to me . 
She knew I earn for her . 
I cried for her .
She knew I never had the chance to say my Good-Byes . 
She also told Tony . I need to let go of toxic ppl in my life . Things only she knew . 
You've bought closure to my heart.  
Titi Loudres I promise ok. I promise I will .
                                    Elizabeth Peralta Hernandez
                                            Bally, Pennsylvania 
A big thank you to Tony he did a reading for me few days ago and he was on point with alot of things some parts felt like I was talking to my father.
                                            Lisa M. Miller 
                                        Dublin , California 
Thank you Tony Medium Rodriguez!!! You are so kind ! I enjoyed our time together and feel so blessed that you gifted me with this wonderful reading! Its good to know that I am well on my path by continuing to listen to my guardian angels and to my spirit guides! Sometimes we need readings to feel we are on our souls path! Bless you and thanks for sharing your gift with me!
                                  Betty Redondo Muller 
                                          New York

Thank you Tony for the experience. I was very happy to hear my sister's message, it has placed clarity and peace in my heart. You have an amazing gift and I wish nothing but the best.

Aida Esc Jusino

I had an amazing reading with Tony last night. Blew my mind. So happy I got to hear from the people I needed to hear from. He is professional but will tell you exactly what he is thinking & feeling and I appreciated his honesty. Highly Recommend.
Tabitha Leigh Lamberty

Good morning Tony thank you so much for yesterday for your time and services as a Medium you gave me a lot of closure and through you my Dad was able to answer a lot of unanswered questions and though i know you for many years you never met my Dad and you gave my mom confirmation that my dad was speaking when you told her things from before I was born. I didn't know. so i can say not only are you good you are a true Medium. I highly recommend you without a doubt. May God bless you always on your journey to help others.


Bronx NY


 Thank you so much.

I was scared to talk or to hear what may be said.  

 Antontio Rodriguez, you are a gift. After my husband passed away, I have been locked in emotional sadness for many months.  My heart was heavy with a debilitating sorrow and grief.  Your reading gave me a renewed sense of my husband’s humor, strength, and passion.  Knowing he is fine I feel at peace and strengthened with the memories of our wonderful life together.  
Your patience is greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much for your professionalism and kindness.


NYC  New York

I can highly recommend Tony as a medium. Our phone connection was tested and he persevered to make an awesome spiritual connection. He told me things no one but me knew. He gave me a spiritual healing thru his connection and the things he shared. He helped to put me back on my spiritual path. Ty for blessing me with your connection.


Tennessee USA


Since I was kid I have always felt there is way more to the universe than we can see. I have always been on the fence when it comes to mediums because well it’s a medium and we all know not everyone has a gift but last week I became a believer.

I responded to a message from my bestie sister and didn’t know she in the middle of talking to a medium, her response was im talking to a medium right now and Shaunas trying to reach you and when I first heard this I was like hm yea ok but what she said next forever changed my life.

My bestie sister knows me but she dosent know me like my bestie knew me but to have a man I have never met a day in my life tell me things that she only knew and touch on things that’s happened since she’s been gone that no ones knows made me a true believer. If you have someone that has crossed over Tony is your guy. It brought me a lot of closure that I didn’t know I needed and lifted a lot of weight off me. I am forever thankful and grateful. I recommend him to everyone. He’s the real deal. I knew you were still riding shotgun with me Shauna Mitchell thank you.


Indiana USA

Antonio was so warm and his energy was very loving.  He made us feel comfortable and it was like talking to a brother or uncle.  He explained things really well and was very accurate!  It was really nice to do as a couple and we're so happy we did it!  Five out five stars recommend!

Jennifer from Pennselvania